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Post Subject: Rape does not require physical assaultPosted by Amphissa on: 7/9/2010

Rape does not require physical assault. Any sexual activity, even consensual, between an adult and a minor is a felony and is called rape in many U.S. states (and in many other countries). The common vernacular is "statutory rape" but in many places, the "statutory" is omitted. Any sort of sexual act qualifies when the "victim" is a minor. Rape involving a minor differs from forcible rape (assault) because the laws presume that a minor is legally incapable of consent, thus there is the legal presumption of coercion by the authority of an adult. Being "seduced" by a minor is not a defense. An adult is responsible for making the right choices, especially when a minor is involved.

"Statutory" rape here:

Yes, Thailand is famous as a "destination" for sex "tourism" by pedophiles. That does not mean sex with minors is legal in Thailand. There are cases every year of pedophiles arrested either in Thailand or re-entering their home country from Thailand. And in the case of a minor, a parent can file the accusation, even if the child denies it trying to protect the adult perpetrator.

References and links to Thai laws here:

It does not matter whether the boy was a child prostitute or she-boy or Catholic school boy or piano pupil. It does not matter whether Pletnev was duped by a mother pimping her son, or if he "fell in love" with a 14 year old boy, or if he jumped the kid or the kid jumped him. The boy was under age 18, Pletnev was taking him around with him as a companion, and charges were pressed accusing him of sexual relations with the boy.

Clark, I would say that, whether he wriggles out of this mess or not, Pletnev does indeed have a PR problem. He's not as famous as Michael Jackson, but it's the same sort of deal. If a man is arrested for sexual relations with a minor and there is any evidence at all that raises suspicion with the public, the suspicion will cling to him like the scent of a skunk.

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