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Post Subject: 176/24 bit filePosted by DOT*SYSTEM on: 2/24/2010

I was able to copy your file into the Korg. I also copied in the Reference Recording HrX demo files. Using the Korg AudioGate PC interface, I played the tracks back through my PC sound card. With the Korg software, the recorded levels of the tracks could be seen via an LED simulation. The average displayed levels for the Reference Recording tracks were typically between -12 to -24 db and never exceeded 0db. Your average recorded level is a bit higher.

I wonder if an optimal gain setting can be found or if each recording will require tweaking of recording gain levels to obtain the best result

The RR HrX tracks used were:

Joel Fan - Gottschalk Suis Moi! Caprice.wav
The Minnesota Orchestra - Tchaikovsky Hopak from Mazeppa.wav

These tracks were once available for download at their web site.

Hope this is helpful.


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