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Post Subject: 176/24 TrackPosted by DOT*SYSTEM on: 2/22/2010
OK Romy, I get it. You may believe that the act of the DVD-A creation software will alter the music bits as seen by the transport/DAC. I believe the software is only encapsulating the data into the DVD-A binary image. My current PC music streamer, a Logictech Transporter/software package will dumb down your wave file to 96/24 on on the fly during playback so I ripped a DVD-A allowing my DAC to receive and process at the 176/24 data resolution. My OPPO SE indicates it is processing 176/24 on playback. To hear tracks  with higher than 96/24 resolution, disc playback this is how I must listen to them. I like having the computer in a different room from the system.

As I said, the playback of my Korg recorded vinyl  tracks at 176/24 captures the personality of my system. If you can play back a DVD-A in your system, I could send you a DVD-A of your track and you can judge how it captures or not the sound of your vinyl played through your system.

Some day I will own a better streamer - one like the Transporter that will allow me to connect a different DAC if I desire. But I can archive now at higher resolution knowing that the Transporter will play files as 96/24 and the future device at the archived resolution.

176/24 may be the recording format I use when I finalize a workflow for archiving my vinyl and I appreciate access to high resolution samples. Post processing issues include do I provide playback access to individual tracks, remove ticks, pops, groove noise, convert to flac, tagging, etc.


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