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Post Subject: 176/24 trackPosted by DOT*SYSTEM on: 2/21/2010

I downloaded your file and burned a DVD-A which includes 176/24 Reference Recordings HrX demo files they once made available.  

I listened to these on my OPPO SE which has an info display that verifies the recording sample rate, and also on my expensive modified AKM 32 bit Esoteric universal player.

Your track comes across with a distinct analog feel in the mids. I have no idea how faithful it is tonally to the original recording. Nice crispy sweet articulation of midrange detail. Hard to assess below the midrange because there is little low frequency timbre for the track you posted. I can hear the groove noise and at times what appears to be venue noise.  

Turning to the HRS demos, their sound is a bit liquid and has a slightly distant perspective. The sound is very  nice but I cannot confuse it for vinyl.

I also burned some of my own needle drops at 176/24 using a Korg MR-2000s recorder. This unit will record to DSD and you can export with various dither options to PCM via software but I opted to set the Korg to rip directly to 176/24 wave format. I then copied the files off of the Korg box  without further processing. I use DVD-A Solo software. I set that not to dither. I created an image on the hard drive and then burned a DVD-A from that image. The packaging for DVD-R blanks I use say they are FUJIFILM but a utility PlexTools indicates they may be rebranded.  

The Korg recorded tracks reveal the gestalt of my phono vinyl set-up upon play back. I can’t say they sound identical but any change imparted to tracks is benign and  less than I get when I record at 96/24 or SRC DSD to 96/24.

There is software for postprocessing vinyl rips but little available that processes files above 96/24. To rip vinyl and remove clicks, pops, rumble, etc. is very labor-intensive.  

My recording chain is:

Desprung modified GyroDec
SME 309/Silver Breeze
Shelter 501
Walker Signature Phono
Connected by Magnan Signature single ended to
Aesthetix Calypso with tape out to Korg  


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