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Post Subject: Adjust peak level meter sensitivity?Posted by manisandher on: 2/21/2010
Hi Romy,

You beat me to it. I was going to post that I've never seen so many red LEDS light up on the Model Two!

Have you tried adjusting the sensitivity of the peak level meters on the Model Two before you record? Could it be that you have the sensitivity set too low, at say 7 samples, i.e. allowing too many samples through before registering a peak? Just a thought...

You may recall my stating a while ago that according to Ritter, the Model Two works internally at a rate of 176.4KHz (or 192KHz). It's always seemed 'obvious' to me that this should then be the ideal rate at which to record.

Otherwise, I love the music. Forgive me for my ignorance, but what is it?


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