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Post Subject: Lamm LL1 at CES-2010Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/9/2010

Yes, it is a bit ridicules to have 4 boxes – a clearly money-raising project. Probably Lamm need to make it 2 chassis init with box #5 is to store manuals and box #6 to store the tube replacements. Talking about tube – one gain state with 4 paralleled Russian 6H30? I an not a huge fun to tube paralleling but Russian tubes that are notoriously difficult to match and to keep matched is shell be truly fun to maintain.

Lamm LL1 at CES 2010

4 parallel tubes with 200R output impedance and 4 inputs. Looks like cathode biased and capacitor coupled. The TKD stepped pots that I would question for best results and circuit board mount.  I do not know …

Looking on the back of the unit I do not truly under what Lamm did with outputs and why he devised into on two section – it a monoblock! So, a unit has 5 outputs, which is OK. For 5 outputs it shall have less then 200R output impedance but I guess it can ran a lot of current from those 200R. What kind people would need multiple out from preamps? Probably the people who run multi-amping, right? Was the ML3 made with objective of multi-amping? Yeh, you wish!

Anyhow, I do not like this preamp and I think it was just Lamm’s collection attempt from the people who uses his L2. If the LL1 has the positive quality of L1/L2 presentation is most like will not be known as a few people I know who owns the LL1 now are idiots and it is not clear how serious will be the future LL1 users. This LL1 vs. L1/L2 preservation of the X-factor that I described before is the only interesting factor to me in LL1. I do not see in LL1 any phase correction element but it might be very settled and not obvious to an ignorant observer.

Anyhow, I think the LL1 is proxy preams while Lamm will make the true needed a statement, preamp. The statement would have optimized stages, wit, on-board phonostage, 6-7 inputs, and sub 50R out impedance…  I wonder who would do it first – Lamm make his next full-function preamp or Guy Hummel would come up with his own RIAA add-in?
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