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Post Subject: Interconnected twice, now be gone!Posted by mjloudspeaker on: 9/28/2009
 Paul S wrote:
J, I hope you know by now that I really don't care about anything audio but my own results, except that I actually like sharing about this a little.  Very specifically, I have absolutely no interest in trying to convince anyone of anything audio.

I did not and will not read the Monster Cable vs.coathanger thread, since it IS circular thinking, after all, on the face of it and at the heart of it's premise.

The best approach to this site, IMO, is not to simply stir things up but rather to read extensively in order to be able to establish a relevant context as a basis for evaluating the information.  This, IMO, is one's best shot at productive dialog here.

Best regards,

Paul S

Thanks Paul

I have extensively read this site, which formed my opinion to contribute to it. I have not to Lynn Olson's, DIY audioforums, as I find it overly analytical and cerebral, I am an emotional person at heart. I care not for mathematical explanations of the musical kind.

But what I am saying is that if this is about higher audio and the advancement of it, the very premise of this site, then how do we proceed to do it, for real, and in a relevant way?

In my mind, I always come back to this point. 

I've said it, this is one of the best. But it can go off quite a bit, into it's own little ethereal thing. I enjoy this, understand emotions of it, but sometimes, feel I must step up to the plate and ground it.

I now think I may be wrong with this absolutely.

Stirring stuff seems the point of this site, with owner/author especially, and I had assumed that I could contribute somewhat, but think this is not really the case anymore.

I work and live in a highly competitive workplace environment, and I hold no grudges and will say to you what I mean, without remorse, and my attitude reflects this for sure. I also don't care about audio anymore or less, but really wished my audio ideas were relevant, as my experience goes back quite a bit.

I now doubt this, as like you, my path is my own, and audio seems so disfunctional in "togetherness" or even dialog, my excitement for it has possibly gone in my youth. Romy has told me to fit in, now you. Then, not fitting in Lynn Olson's cerebral club, or this feline one, mj should and/or shall vanish, possibly?

"I now say probably."

And quirky audio ideas can blossom here, unimpeded by logic and reason and listening, with egos intact all around. I am sure, mjhe will not be missed greatly. But they also say, do not kill the messenger. So I apologize, as I am merrily him.

Because I am a Romy site fan, not just a contributor,

I remain, REspectfully Yours, j.

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