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Post Subject: I really do not see a problem with it.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/26/2009

The BP30-2 post has hex head. You might get any hex wrench and it is no problem anymore. I found that that the Audioquest wrench is VERY comfortable as my posts are flimsy for my cables (Dominus is VERY heavy) and I shall not apply overly high torque. The Audioquest wrench is very nice as after a few posts that you destroy you learn how much stupid torque you might apply.

Make sure you have two – green and red for right and for lest channels ....

I remember I was keep losing the wrench, the Koshka always love to play with it footballing in all imaginary places. Then I attached to them a magnet and just magnet the wrench to the amps back. I heard that if I do not use a regular magnet but a field coil then it will be able to find it twice faster on the back of the amp….

I know for some it is not a big deal but wait until you need to connect 24 cables (My Dominus are dial mono) in a specific order while you are in a very not comfy position bent over the amps…. A good wrench is a certainly is very good help.

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