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Post Subject: Lamm introduced LL1 Signature Preamp…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/16/2009

…and since it is in LL line I presume that it might be right along with LL2 Preamp – not particularly interesting preamp. In other words it is most likely the “positively expected” and “might be interesting” continuation of the L1 and L2 line.

As I understand the LL1 is one stage buffer with paralleled output tubes and all this costs $43K.

Again, I do not object the price but I question what is given for the price.

The 17dB gain with Rated Output Voltage of 1V RMS? Am I missing anything?

Anyhow, a conventional PS with regulated filaments (very strange), no phase –switch, just 3 inputs (probably only one is “direct”), capacitor-coupled tube gain stage with 200R output impedance, no remote control, no phonostage… I do not know but I do not see a lot of send in all of it, but I also had a cold shoulder to LL1 ancestor - the LL2.

I hope Lamm is still working on L3 –the next preamp in the L1, L2 line. I hope it will have at least half dozen inputs, no idiotic tape loop, have a few options for RIAA inputs, have phase inversion options and the most important to have the distinctive X-factor impact to sound (unique phase processing) that L1/L2 had. I do not know how LL1 sound as if it employs any X-factor capacity but purely exploiting-wise it did not appear to me like anything that makes sense.  I hope it has transparent enough sound, but under some circumstance a $5 worth op-amp has transparent enough sound… Considering the most of the line-level preamps do not use gain I wonder in which direction the LL1 leads.

Thos manufacturers spray the trims for their models: Reference, Signature, Statement and etc… This one is Signature. I did not hear preamp it but from what I see in description it appears to me that it is a strange Signature…

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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