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Posted on: 12-16-04

Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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Thread: Analog: a reduction of surface noise.
           Reply: Analog: a reduction of surface noise.  

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I bought today a fresh copy of “The Absolute Sound” #151. Did not really meant o read but rather meant as usually to glide among the pictures and to learn which audio whore drool about a “new” bogus products. I seldom read the articles more the a few sentences – mostly is too insulting to my fragile intelligence, but today during my lunch my waiter was slow like hell and I had an opportunity actually to read a few paragraphs.

There was something in there that was not a typically foolishly-hipped but just arguably incorrect, at least from my point of view.  Anthony Cordesman (I do not know this guy) in his article about VPI TT-X TT said:

 TAS's Anthony Cordesman wrote:
“VPI TT-X TT and VPI 12.6 also produce a striking reduction of surface noise, something that always occurs with the best turntables…”
I really question a validity of this statement.

I have to admit, sometimes ago I thought the same, and later on I attributed a reduction of surface noise partially to the phonostages. Eventually I learned that if an analog set-up reduces the surface noise then it is a first and very much objective evidence that the analog setup is not playing well and that the system is amusical. A “reduction” of surface noise meant an unavoidable sharpening of sound (Oh, how much the damn-audiophiles love it! Courtesy to the 99% of so-called “audio quality”). By steep sharpening the parabola with which the notes roll to thier pitch the noise-reduction questionably takes place but what we pay (and I do not mean money) for such a reduction? I think Mr. Cordesman and other who feel in the same way should experiment or at least to think about it. So you do…

For whoever would like to think what “always occurs with the best turntables” (as far as surface noise concern) I would give a tip in which direction to look.  Our awareness does not recognize surface noise as a part of reproduce music but rather it hears music and surface noise separately. Therefore a “reduction “ or the amplitude of noise has little relevance. The most important how the noise itself reproduced (harmonically, dynamically and many other attributes) and here is where the  best turntables and best tonearm do very different job…


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