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The wonder of Ayre Acoustics

Even though in the forum most of the thread stated as mockery of different companies, people and ideas but I would like to dilute this forum with a serious thread. The subject will be the Ayre Company.

I have to say that I never own any Ayre equipment and have generally very little exposure to it. A few year back I hear in a very good controlled condition Ayre integrated amps – it was good. Then I heard a few years back Ayre CD transport. At that time it was just cooked and it was too raw in sound but it was auditable that it might be good. I had once Ayre phonostage in a very expansive and elaborate playback but it was owned and managed by an idiot. The system sounded horrible but to the best of my deductive reasoning power the phonostage was not the responsible party in the sound of that playback. I know that company is run by Charles Hansen. I never met him and do not know his history or interests. I have read a number of his internet posts here and there and he always sound very non-nonsense-like. I appreciate it. It is all that I am familiar with Ayre.

Although I kind of always liked Ayre I never had any attempts to exclusively hear what they do as whatever they do is in white boxes and it is my strong conviction that if audio equipment does not go in back box then the place for this equipment a garbage bag only.

Anyhow, the reason I write it because today Ayre truly impressed me. I was crawling today across the snow in Back Bay and in my way stopped by in B&N to redeem my gift card. While I was there I look at the stand for Hi-Fi+ the description of a new Avantgarde Uno Nano (BWT, incredibly idiotic design!!!). Before putting the magazine back to the shelf I glided the pictures in there and the mu ease hit some add images of a strange electro-mechanic devise. I looked more in what it was and it turned out to be a preamp. Looking more and more at those pictures I could not help to say myself: “What is the brilliant idea!” 

The preamp tureen out to be Ayre KX-R preamplifier. I never seen it or heard. I can’t say of what Ayre did in there has any sonic sense – the preamp might sound like crap as well. I can’t even pronounce the stupid name “Ayre” and have no idea what it is. However, the design idea of that Ayre preamps is superbly appealing and I am gals the Ayre had balls to put something like this out.

The Cat

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