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Topic: The Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates Sound?

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 08-24-2007

That is I always was interested - why we never hear about Audio from the richest Arab countries? I was looking recently at the log of my site and saw a number of recent visitors from there. It would be interesting to hear about audio environment in there.

Japanese records collectors known to come to US and sweep the record stores. I spoke with a guy I know who sells record for living and he said the he has a few very steady and highly discriminating customers from Arabian Peninsula. Also, someone told me that when David Wilson started in begin of 80s production of his expensive Grand Slamms then 80% of his shipment were to Mid East customer.

Well we have no doubts that there are a lot of people in there who have a lot of money. My question is: does is lead to any interesting and objectionable audio solutions? I never heard audio manufactured in the Arabs counters and I did not see presence of any audio public from that part of world. I am sure they are there….

I wonder what those guys are listening if they such a great consumers of Western audio products?

Rgs, The Cat

Posted by Crow on 12-17-2010
 There is an example of what one may find in Saudi Arabia.

 "In order to properly understand the big picture, everyone should fear becoming mentally clouded and obsessed with one small section of truth".  
  Xun Zi

Posted by Stitch on 12-17-2010
Some years ago I was in Dubai, my friend there is (or was) a serious Audiophile and had a lot of stuff. So we once decided to visit the biggest Audio Shop there, I was 
expecting very much, I thought, "here" I will see all those super expensive units....
Well, no.

Only digital, mostly surround Systems, multi link, but the expensive ones, linked with Linn pre, amps and Martin Logan speakers. They sold such combos in large numbers...
I talked with the shop owner, because he was interested in our units, he was a nice guy and said, he likes Turntables and tube equipment, but nobody wants that, "they" want a remote control and when 5 monoblocs are not enough, well then "they" order another 5. Just fast, clean deals with a rebate and no "problems" with service.
He had about 10 Demo rooms and it was more or less the same, different surround brands with different pricing, but nothing what can impress you (I think) ...

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