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Topic: Invasion is what we did with Ukraine in 2014.

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 03-07-2022

Posted by rowuk on 03-13-2022
Thank you Romy for the insider view of the "Russian soul".

The mistake here is the military instead of the KGB? Perhaps. Funny enough, Swan Lake was on the radio today.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 03-14-2022
I do not think that I am person who is in position to express Russian soul. I do not think that there is such a thing as Russians have multitude of views, like anybody else, I am in fact not even Russian. But my talk about is not about Russians but about tragic misunderstanding in the best of what is going on and what is being sold to public. From Russian perspectives there are two definitions of Ukraine is. Thete a large territory between Russian refrigeration Poland and Black Sea this close to 50 million people live in there and nobody care to label them. They are people and they do not need to be even labeled. They want to form an independent country, and they willing call it Ukraine, good for them, I do not see that any Slavic descendant would objected. There is another Ukraine. There is an idiotic government installed by foreign powers, with well-defined objectives, that usees nationalism as executive branch of government. That is catastrophic and this need to be eradicated. Unfortunately that means how Russians choose to do with it is absolutely very and uncivilized. Unfortunately involvement in the current war in the format how they choose to do it made Russians to lose ethical advantage and for a few generation abandon their rights to be haerd. I never seen country which completly voluntarily convert themselves into Germany after WW 1. As I said, I really do not want to talk a lot on the subject on this site, but I need to admit the since beginning of the war I did not play any music

Posted by Romy the Cat on 03-21-2022
This is public message from Schwarzenegger to Russian people:

and then a response to him from Maryana Naumova, a former holder of words powerlifting record.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 03-22-2022

Posted by Paul S on 03-22-2022
Not sure how I feel about Biden, but you can have Hitler, Stalin, Putin, and/or Trump! Divide and Conquer! Give 20% a stake, 1% a say, and eff everyone else! Same around the world.

Most music looks away from this.

Paul S

Posted by xandcg on 03-22-2022
 Romy the Cat wrote:
I never seen country which completly voluntarily convert themselves into Germany after WW 1. As I said, I really do not want to talk a lot on the subject on this site, but I need to admit the since beginning of the war I did not play any music

This vision is just in the west (including Australia, Japan and the likes), most of the rest of the world vary from do not care to see it exactly as the opposite way.

ME in particular, the people see the west reaction as nothing but hypocrisy (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria - USA is still occupying part of it illegally, etc.).

In Africa, it isn't ever necessary to comment given their history. Libya was completely destroyed recently by NATO forces, and that was by far the most developed African country.[2]

Asia in general, people tends to be neutral or support Russia.

At the end, all this hysteria and sanctions have nothing really to do with Ukraine but with some far bigger objectives and processes set by Russia and China years (maybe one or two decades ago) which can be simplified to one thing: the end of the USD dominance (dedollarisation of the world economy), to put a end of the USA (and the whole west) dominance since it would destroy its economy. The European ones will be destroyed by their own sanctions + Russian counter-sanctions, this is just a matter of time.[1]

All this western reactions were exactly what Russia and China wanted, specially the freezing/seizing of the CBR (Central Bank of Russia) reserves and other things like USA debt held by Russia etc. These actions completely ruined the western reputation as a safe place to park money.

I don't want to get in details, this is not the right place or format, but the dedollarisation is happening as we speak and it is happening fast. Just after the sanctions were imposed, a Credit Suisse executive gave a interview (or it was a article? IDK remember now) telling a considerable part of their commercial and institutional clients were already looking in ways to NOT settle contracts in USD anymore but CNY.

Saudi Arabia will start settling oil contracts in CNY, albeit just with China but this is the largest client by far. This is considered the start of the end of the petrodollar.

For those who want more details about the tinkering of the other side[3] THIS is a quite good source. This is more about the military point of view of the operation in Ukraine, given the man background, but still bring some overall information. His books are quite good too.

EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union) + China are already preparing the creation of an international currency backed by commodities, to be used in international settlements - to be the new reserve currency.

[1] no more dollar printing from thin air, infinite debt etc.

[2] a common thing about the Libya and first Iraq war was both were getting rid of USD as their reserve currency.
[3] I would actually call it sane.

Posted by rowuk on 03-28-2022
 Romy the Cat wrote:

and then a response to him from Maryana Naumova, a former holder of words powerlifting record.

A friend of mine noted how often, well edited and lit the video was - a very professional job…

Posted by Romy the Cat on 03-28-2022
Rowuk, of course it is very professional production, and it is very professional native orchestration. Still, its doe does not make the story not true and does not devaluate the message of this girl. No different from the Schwarzenegger message, by the way.
Still, the Schwarzenegger message dose exactly what most of the western world do not get: this is not the problem with Russians. Those people are pure hostages of a bigger games that US and UK play with half of the world. Putin is not more guilty in the situation then Zelensky, and the last one is kind of irrelevant to the story at all. The only fault of Putin (not the characters that I defend typically) that he runs in shitty country that is so weak that was not able to behave as great nations do: with wisdom, dignity and might. People in West do not understand that there is Ukraine and there is the current Ukrainian government that nothing to do with Ukraine or with ideas of healthy nationalism. The Ukrainian regime from 2013 is very ugly aberration of Nazism and Russian do a great service to humanity trying to eradiate it. Do I feel that this very noble goal justified by destroying the whole country, Nope, I feel that it should not be done.
Here is an interesting question I ask myself. Could regular Ukrainians be responsible for that idiotic regime that screw them up for 8 years? I do not think so. Today millions of Russians got ruined as group responsibility for what Russian regime does not in Ukraine. If it fair, then why the same logic could not applyed to Ukrainians? The Russians faked us everything in 2013-14 when they shamefully did not defend Ukraine during the 2011-2004 color governmental overthrows by USA. I do not think that Russians today are the position to be ethical and physical authority to fix anything. They are just too destroyed ideologically and too feeble economically or military. The bigger problems however derived from the history Russians were absolutely impotent to make case of own interest for the world after 1990s and while they were humiliated by West they did not have a leader who would be truly a stateman with an ability to sell Russian interest to the world.

Posted by rowuk on 03-31-2022
The loss of life, the senseless destruction of cities and towns, breaking up of families is what bothers me. Very few countries truly have a working system of getting the best public servants - especially at the top - or getting rid of them. Orchestras seem to have a bit more luck with their conductors…

In any case, I am not even sure that this is really Putins war. It could very well be the Russian military. In any case, no one wins and a lot of people lose. At least the Lviv symphony got to play - with refugee guest musicians from other parts of Ukrainia.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 03-31-2022
I do not feel that it is Putin war at all and I feel very unfortunately that it is how is being sold in West. It is just a plan vanilla us war against Russia via Ukrainian proxy. Unfortunately Ukraine does not exist since 2014 as a country but exist exclusively as United States military forpost, and USA will fight Russians up to the last Ukrainian. Ukrainians were very unfortunate that they have the government they haven't since 2014. Whatever they do is not an interest of Ukrainian people but it is just a collection of few dozen ethically very questionable oligars being played by USA State department. I wish Russians have more creativity and brain how to liberate ukrainians from current Ukrainian regime without engaging into wide war across the whole nation. Fortunately is a truth about in nature of Ukrainian racist regime is beginning to drip to the West and exposed in thier full colors. Unfortunately it does not comply with the general narrative that West is willing to publicize. Nowadays news from Al Jazeera, India or China are significantly more balanced. I hardly recommend do not listen any Ukrainian or Russian news, or Western news, that happens to have well understood agenda.

Posted by xandcg on 03-31-2022
Western media since more than a decade is all about narratives and not facts.[1] The Russian one is far from perfect but still miles away of the totally pure propaganda machine of the west. The Indian news, about this subject at least, is quite balanced.

Believe it or not the Chinese ones are even better, but you need to mix the info from the (government) official sources and others. The Chinese people are quite well informed these days.

For those who are interested in actual news from Donbass (in english) might have a look on Patrick Lancaster, he have been reporting from the ground since 2014. Tons of videos.

THIS is a particular good video, if you want a reference about the "living standards" in LDPR.

RT Documentary also launched good documentaries about Donbass recently (after the start of the operation), however I suppose they are blocked in USA/EU but you probably can bypass it using some non-USA/EU/Similar DNS servers (Yandex came to mind)

[1] some things about this Ukraine controversy I've saw in here (basically same as USA/EU but slightly less hysteric) is beyond insane. Ever a "T15 Armata" have be seen in there by them.

1 - this is "T14 Armata" (not T15) and there is not ever a single one on the ground simply because this platform is still in design/test phase. Maybe some appear later (at the end) just to put a tag of combat experience on it (this is important in the arms market);

2 - they saw this "Armata" at the beginning of the operation, that tank (actually a mechanized air defense) that run over a car in Kiev. Well, timeline seems to not matter to these propagandists. At that point the Russians had not ever secured the Antonov Airport, how could them have a tank running freely (alone) inside Kiev? For the record, that was a Ukie/Soviet Strela-10.


Posted by anthony on 04-07-2022

Posted by Romy the Cat on 04-08-2022
I applaud the Pink boys and their hearts certainly on the right side but I also know the difference between Salvador Allende and “another side”.  They say that history repeat itself as a farce but in this case, it repeats itself as a commodity.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 04-09-2022

Posted by Paul S on 04-09-2022

For "Them", it's not personal...

Paul S

Posted by rowuk on 04-10-2022

Posted by Romy the Cat on 04-10-2022
Hm, interesting. I wonder what motivated  hlm to compile such a list, trust me very much incomplete list. Even though I very much agree list the list I very much disagree this editorial notes he takes over events. It is like study Earth geography from Moon. Nuances are not there. Does make him comfortable to follow up BBC headlines? It's might be interesting to discuss it with him with a big cigar and nice scotch. Particularly it is interesting to digest this list in concierge of his comments like "battalion azov continues it's Noble fighting...". I guess BBC did not have good coverage of battalion azov. I personally feel more comfortable with naum chamsky list of United States crimes after World war II, who are in my view are through Masters of war. The Soviets? They are omatures. You cannot be Master if you always lose.

Posted by Paul S on 04-10-2022
It is well that Noam Chomsky be brought into the "non-musical" part of this discussion; his viewpoints "should" be more widely understood and incorporated as bases for "global action" if we hope to continue inhabiting this planet en masse. Meanwhile, this is not "sports" we are talking about. The very activity of war precludes what we suppose to be a sizeable winning team. The excision of Hitler ultimately cost the "Soviets" something like 27 million people and blasted Germany back to Square One. It is presently illegal in Germany to deny the Holocast. In the US, you can still say whatever you want and pretty much get away with it. The spouse of a current, "serving", Supreme Court "Justice" was actively involved in violent insurrection in this country, and the "Justice" in question exercised the "rights" of his office by voting to keep anyone from looking into the matter. Peace is fostered by people who understand and act out Love as a Verb.

Paul S

Posted by xandcg on 04-10-2022
I just passed an eye on the list and to start with most (if not all, I would need to consult and I'm not in a mood to get back studying International Public Law) of these "war crimes" were not crimes at the time when they happened but actually often normal practice.

For instance, he talks about the use cluster bombs somewhere which was made illegal more recently, and like every other international law (except by a handful of erga omnes ones) are just binding (and when they are, most not) just to those who signed them, and Russia did not signed that treat (nor Brazil (who sell cluster bombs) and many other countries).

In more recent events, there are a lot of complains about civilians deaths in Syria for instance, I have no idea if the numbers are true[1] nor I do care, because this is war and people die in wars. There is nothing new about it, and in fact the Russians actually have a well established practice to try to open humanitarian corridors before attacking civilian areas, but this is not always possible nor you can force the people to leave.

A friend of a close friend is from Ukraine, she has all her family in there (near Kiev) and they refuse to leave. The men cannot leave due to well know Ukranian prohibition and the women doesn't want to leave their husbands... they are not the only ones in this situation (the prohibition was likely create this situation) and if something happens in there, people will die...

Also, in order to establish humanitarian corridors and make it work, this is usually necessary to reach an agreement between the involved parts and these days, often, one of the sides doesn't want it in order to increase the number of causalities, what make a great PR show on (western) TV - this is well know and not a secret at all, NATO advisers train their proxies to use civilians as shield like the nazis...

In this Ukraine operation for instance, the humanitarian corridors were just accepted by the Ukies if and when the routes lead to a EU country instead of Russia/LDPR territory. Well, the actual combat is happening mainly in and around LDPR in this phase[2] which is close to Russia not EU...

This list is like that typical American who love to talk about the Chernobyl disaster but have no idea there were several nuclear disasters in USA, including with tons of radioactive water begin dumped in rivers of which people drink water from on purpose, since they had no way to filter the water at the time (and in fact today, this is Russia who deal with US nuclear waste)...

I mean, the same people who love to talk about the Russian incompetency in nuclear matters (they have no idea Russia is ages beyond them in the subject) but didn't acknowledge the Fukushima disaster just turned to be a disaster (instead of a near irrelevant accident) because their glorious American nuclear engineers, who designed the thing together with the mighty Japanese, connected the emergency water pumps to the main turbines instead of installing emergency diesel generators (not green enough?).

Well, ever the possibility of a minor accident leads to the shutdown of the reactor(s) which naturally leads to the stop of the steam turbines. How could then the emergency pumps work without electricity?

Btw, Rosatom would never ever consider constructing a nuclear plant in Japan simply because they do not construct them in place with relevant seismic activity. They run deep seismic studies before ever starting to consider the design of given nuclear plant.

Also, these PR people don't like when comparatives are made (e.g. Iraq) but yeah the main source of international law is exactly that, the practice (and violation of the established rules. The written law are not that relevant as they seem to be), and so a comparative with the previous similar events are the first and foremost important thing to acknowledge before starting any serious discussion about any subject related with international law...

Other thing, UN General Assembly resolutions are just recommendations, they have no power to impose anything to anyone[3]. Just UNSC have this power and just when the resolution is fundamented in the Seventh Chapter of the UN Charter - something super rare because if the target doesn't comply they will need to impose (read militarily, war). Who will pay for that? Who want to send their people to fight (and likely die) in some random country they have absolutelly no interest in?

[1] that famous chemical attack in Syria was completely staged by NATO members as was being proved by a OPCW whistle blower.

[2] the forces in other places like Kiev, Odessa, Nikolaiev where just to force UA to reinforce these cities (is specially Kiev) and immobilize them in there, what leads to negate the reinforcement of Donbass/LDPR region. Remembering Russia got in UA with nearly 1x3 ratio of troops, and they realy had to equalize it somehow.

[3] theoretically they can create peacekeeping operations but: they never did, every time they tried the UNSC did it before them; it can't be imposed, peace keeping operations need to be accepted by all involved parties (and they are nearly useless) - there were some peacekeeping operations with actual power to impose the peace but these were invented on the fly, they do not exist in the UN Charter (remember, practice and violation).

Posted by xandcg on 04-10-2022
This is a quality and interesting article to understand the currently UA situation, and about what seems to be coming in Ukraine (the situation seems too fluid at political level to really gasp anything).


This is important to note the article come from RUSSTRAT what seems to be led (read owned) by Elena Panina, who is Duma member (Russian parliament) and can be said as one of the main Russian foreign policy makers. I mean, their articles are solid.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 04-22-2022
I do not share Scott’s statement that “Russians already won” and he very much underestimate Russians ability to screw the things up but I wish more people in the West take the Scott’s view closer to their mind.

Posted by xandcg on 04-22-2022
Those who want to follow the related news more closely can follow these Telegram channels:

Intel Slava Z
ASB Military News
Patrick Lancaster News Today

Also, RT and Sputnik have channels:

Scott Ritter also have a channel now.

There are more, but these will probably give you already more information than you want.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 04-27-2022

Posted by unicon on 06-16-2022
Thank you xandcg was an interesting must read  .The pink boys and to more specific Gilmoure woke up @ 3 A.M hurry to show impression too late and wrong just to get over pink again. The best was to do nothing at least.

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