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Topic: Finally In GSC Image Gallery!

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Posted by Paul S on 07-20-2008
Since I can't read Cyrillic/Russian, I may never know anything significant about these wonderful piano/trombone duets.
I am guessing from dates on the label that the compositions are from the early 1800s through the 1930s.

The album jacket is the usual-for-eastern-Europe thin-ish paper, with a dark-ish color photo of a couple of gigantic Czarist chandeliers hanging from a HIGH, fancy coffered ceiling.

Label is Melodya, stereo, "CM 01921-01922, 1.04.70; recordings are good, distant mike(s) in large reverberent space; sounds like omni or "S" set-ups.

The trombonist is truly remarkable, the accompanist very accomplished, and the compositions are quite interesting, as well.

I look forward to one day learning how to share pictures!  I need to start by figuring out how to get the picture files down from 8 megs!

Paul S

Posted by tuga on 07-23-2008
Why don't you try using a cypher?


Posted by Paul S on 06-10-2019
I ran across the album a few days ago, finally got the front and back cover images as far as the GSC image gallery, couldn't figure out how to get it on/in this post.  Stand by.

Paul S

Posted by noviygera on 06-18-2019
Viktor Venglovskiy - Trombone
A side:
Sergei Rachmaninoff - Elegie op.3 No.1
V. Angelov - Skertsino (aka Scherzino)
Balys Dvarionas - Theme with variations

B side:
Carl Maria von Weber - Romance for trombone and piano
Henri Dutilleux - Choral, cadence et fugato for trombone and piano
Eugène Bozza - Ballad
Marcel Poot - Impromptu

Posted by Paul S on 06-18-2019
Any mention of the fine pianist, or recording details?

Best regards,
Paul S

Posted by noviygera on 06-18-2019
Tamara Venglovskaya on piano. Maybe his wife? That would make this an extra special record, in my book!
the price of the record was 1 ruble, 45 cents, if that makes a difference.

Posted by Paul S on 06-19-2019
I have Dutch in-laws who told me Holland is overflowing with State-funded art, including many otherwise-vacant warehouses chock full of paintings and sculpture.  I sort of love this idea when it applies to Music, like the "best" Socialist years in Russia, when students could attend the Ballet Russe for about 50 cents, and there were several worthwhile performances to be seen/heard at any given time.  This is, indeed, a special LP, which is why I called attention to it in the first place.   Thanks again for the translations!

Best regards,
Paul S

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