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Horn-Loaded Speakers
Topic: JMLC horns profile?

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Posted by LogicAudio on 07-06-2013
actually I'm from Iran and needless to say we are stock in the middle of nowhere here (sanctions,...) so we weren't able to hear much of the horn speakers, so we started to think we should do it ourselves because we are able to obtain CDs much easier than big horns. now we are building a special Lathe Machine to turn horns, for now I've planned to do the Tractrix but I thought "why not try JMLC?" so I wanted to check if there is public free or commercial information about these horns
btw, we use Linear bearings and a pivot-guide method to scratch the MDF or natural wood. maybe some mold and then go for fiberglass

any help is much appreciated

اینجا کلیک

Posted by Romy the Cat on 07-06-2013
Logic, the conversation of JMLC profile vs. tractrix is not a subject of debate of any kind. This is well addressed subject and if you look at my forum then you will find all necessary information. Look for words La-Horn as this is how I call JMLC profile.

To be very beef without repeating myself too much. JMLC profile is non-arguably better in theory and the higher horn’s cut off frequency the more JMLC is better. However, this JMLC advantage manifest itself for a standalone horn. If you begin to pile up horns in Macondo configuration then the JMLC advantage very fast will be overcome by JMLC disadvantages deriving from the fact that JMLC are larger than tractrix for a given frequency and therefore the horn stock will be less grouped together.  

So if you plan to build a Macondo-style sound installation that will be located in one of the grand rooms of Ali Qapu Palace then I would go JMLC. If you are like we all regular mortals are trying to squeeze the horns in relatively definitive space and listen them from 10-15 feet then I would advocate Tratrix.

Rgs, the Cat

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