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Topic: Julia Fischer in Boston + some Deutsche propaganda.

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 03-29-2009
Julia Fischer is coming in Boston in a few weeks with Beethoven Concerto and Mark Wigglesworth will lead BSO. I kind of slowly am contemplating to go or not to go. She is making a lot of good waves around the world… which is not necessary a good sign in my book. I was listening at her play at YouTube and I saw some things that I do not like: she is too forward in many instances and too Heifetzy - but this is how all contemporary soloists are playing – they need to impress the Morons.

I also came across to a wonderful play by Julia Fischer in Brahms Double Concerto, still too booleany to my taste. I did not feel that I would be attracted to Brahms Double Concerto as the last weeks it was too much of it but then I heard the Julia’s partner – cellist Daniel Müller-Schott - and I was sold to lisen it. Anyhow, even though Julia Fischer was less "shinny" then Daniel but she was also very atop of her game in that  Brahms Double Concerto.

Actually this play is a big middle finger that the damn Germans show to all of us. It is Deutsche Radio Philharmonic with Deutsche conductor Christoph Poppen and with two Deutsche solists, playing Deutsche music and what they do is a clear demonstration HOW the Brahms Double shall be played. Are Germans still run the show in Music?

Abyhow, listen how “right” it all works together, and particularly listen how smart and  gloriously-behind Mr. Müller-Schott sometimes is.

Posted by Paul S on 03-29-2009
And notice how gloriously LIVE the hall is through the mid-range!

Altogether, well done; something the performers and the audience can all be proud of (tax dollars at work; beautiful music and performance; setting such a fine example).

Paul S

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